Truman’s Strong Language Saves the Day! » Harry Truman in France, WWI

Officers of the 129th Field Artillery at Chateau Le Chenay, France, Dec. 1918. Upper Row: Lieuts. Nelson Reed; WM. K.Bigelow; Thos.C.Bourke; Louell Dyer; H.Stanley Wanzer; Enoch P. Jones; L. Curtis Tiernan; Jesse M.Dowell; Hary B.Fraser and Adolph J.Snoble. On steps: Lt.Ralph E.Crenshaw; Francis G. Walthew; Edgar G. Hinde; Henry A.Christmann; Whitelaw R. Stumberg; Gordon B. Jordan; Frank J. Grunwald; and Sterling M .Newton. Middle Row: Capts. Newell T. Paterson; Harry B. Allen; Spencer Salisbury; Harry S.Truman; William D. Lawson and Roger T. Sermon. (AP Photo)

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